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Comfort Reflective Breastplate

The Confort Reflective Breastplate is ideal for animals known as Genetically Predisposed Breeds!

The use of the Confort Reflective Pectoral is the best way to avoid injuries to the neck, as it guides and guides your Dog in front of the chest! 

✅ Finished in double stitching and reinforced with padded lining.
✅ Used in any season!
👉 Guarantee the Comfort and Quality to your Dog during the Walks!
👉 Reduce or Eliminate Opposition Reflex Pulls!
👉 Does not put pressure on the trachea, esophagus or the thyroid gland!
👉 Freedom in your Dog's movements!
👉 Easy Installation with click device!
👉 Force distributed evenly
on your Dog's chest and sternum!
⚠ See which size best suits your dog!
✅ Confort Reflective Breastplate has Reflective Technology to Ensure Optimal Visibility During Night Walks.
The Comfort Reflective Breastplate helps Keep the Animal's Body Temperature Pleasant throughout the entire ride. It has Multidirectional Ventilation.
✅ The Comfort Reflective Breastplate has a Damping System that aims to reduce impacts, in supervening situations, and ensure that the animal's bone structure is not affected.
✅ The Confort Reflective Pectoral has Quality, Resistance, Does Not Fade, Comfortable, Easy to Use Double Buckle is Ideal for small, medium and large dogs.
✅ Waterproof Oxford Cloth

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