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Tired of cleaning the house EVERY day because your Cats are shedding so much fur?

99% of cats shed a lot of fur, leaving their furniture and clothes totally dirty, forcing you to shake yourself every 10 minutes every time you sit on the couch or pick up your Kitten to cuddle.

But finally a product has arrived that allows you to caress, and at the same time avoid having your house infested with hair, trading the time you waste cleaning, to massage your best friend.                                           

Not to mention that it brings several Benefits to your Pet, in addition to massage, a feeling that it is loved by the owners, a much firmer, more beautiful and healthier fur.

That's why Nova Brush Remove Felino - Resolva is winning the hearts of pet owners across Brazil, proposing:

Remove up to 90% of your pet's loose hair;

Leave your home much cleaner, with no hair everywhere; Smoother and Stronger hair on your cat, reducing falls;

Stimulate Blood Circulation for a better quality of life for your Cat;

Moments of love, affection and fun between you and your Cat.


Created with Button Technology, for Easy Cleaning, grouping all the hairs to clean the Brush Remove in Less than 15 Seconds.

Fits any type of fur or breed, both for cat and dog. Let ResolvaPet help you in your daily life, facilitating the cleaning of your home and delivering moments of Love with your Pet. Click on "add to cart" and get the Latest Units with 50% Off!

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