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Size:11.8x14.9 inch  |  Color:Brown

Why does the cat grind its claws?
❶ The cat's claw grinding is to grind off the aged nails, which is the necessary work for the cat's own physiological regulation.
❷ Declare sovereignty in order to occupy the territory.
❸ Keep muscles, joints and tendons healthy.
❹ The cat's quick claw grinding is also a happy performance.

In order to meet the cat's nature, we specially designed this cat scratching mat. It can’t only protect furniture effectively, but also make furniture decorations according to one's own personality.

Our cat mat is made of 100% natural sisal and solid cotton edge, and the bottom is equipped with anti-skid latex.
Sisal has the characteristics of tough texture, elasticity, strong tensile force, no static electricity, seawater immersion resistance, friction resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and not easy to slip, which is the natural condition for the cat to grind its claws.
Our company pays attention to environmental protection and health, so cat scratching mat don’t add any chemical additives.

❶ Sprinkle a little salt on the cat scratching mat before cleaning.

❷ Move cat scratching mat to the outside and shake off the dust on the surface or use vacuum cleaner.

❸ Add professional carpet detergent or a small amount of soda water to warm water about 30℃/86℉ and stir properly, then make cat scratching mat immersed in warm water.
(Tips: Because sisal fibers are rigid and its saturation force is poor, we can only wash them slowly when cleaning. We should control the strength of our hands, otherwise it will damage the beauty and feel of sisal carpet.)

❹ After washing, it can't wring it out with force, but can only be naturally suspended in a dry place to dry with the wind.

  • 100% woven from natural sisal with solid cotton edge
  • Anti-skid latex at the bottom, increase its thickness and stability so that it is not easy to slide
  • Antistatic performance, also protect the floor
  • Solid, wear-resistant cat scratching mat - to meet the cat's natural scratching instinct, so that the cat can stretch the body and work energy
  • Can provide an interesting feeding space for cats

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