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Made of non-toxic, durable, and eco-friendly rubber material, which is soft and elastic. Meanwhile, this toy is safe for your dog.

MULTI-FUNCTION MOLAR TEETH CLEANING DOG TOY: This is a multi-function dog molar toy, a collection of teeth grinding, cleaning, entertainment, and other functions. The newly designed jagged molar bumps and various shapes of molar surfaces can thoroughly clean the dog’s incisors, sharp teeth, and molars when the dog plays with the toy, effectively removing all kinds of food Slag, dirt, and dental calculus, fully protect the dog's dental health and truly ensure the dog's oral health.

ATTACHED COTTON DOG BITING ROPE: The tail is designed with cotton dog rope, abrasion-resistant, and bite-resistant, which can stimulate the dog's interest in chewing and make the dog like this toy.

STURDY AND DURABLE: A bite-resistant, fall-resistant, smash-resistant dog toy. The dinosaur egg-shaped shell is made of high-hardness nylon raw material, and the dinosaur body is made of high-toughness TPR, which can be used for all kinds of large, medium, and small dogs, long-term use will not be broken. But for the sake of your dog's health, we recommend that you use it for no more than 20-30 minutes a day.

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