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Color: Random
Material: plastic + rubber
Power: 4 x AA Battery ( NOT included )


1 x Jumping Activation Ball for Dog

We don't always have time to play with our beloved dogs. Give them Jumping Activation Ball to keep them entertained and happy for those busy days.
This toy is mentally and physically stimulating and will guarantee to fulfill your furry friends' physical and emotional needs. Your pets will absolutely love them and will love you more!
It has lights and automatic jumping that will attract your pets and get them very excited. This perfect toy will help build a positive relationship between you and your dog!


✔ Hyperactive Toy: Jumps automatically. Just tap the button and watch it bounce away for your dog to chase it. 
✔ Lights: Flash bright colorful lights when activated to catch your dog's attention. 
✔ Improves Health: Can help clean the teeth of your dogs to promote healthy teeth and gums. Gets them to run and jump around which promotes healthier muscles and bones that help aid your dog's growth and development.
✔ Prevents Boredom: Holds your dog's attention, keeping them entertained for hours. It prevents unwanted destructive behavior due to boredom or anxiousness. 
✔ Safe & Non-toxic:
Handmade materials, that are not only healthy and non-toxic but also tough and durable that can provide an enjoyable experience for your dogs!
✔ Guaranteed to make your Dogs happy!

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