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  • Permanently Eliminate Odor - Using activated oxygen, Nodor eradicates 90% of unpleasant litter odor. 
  • Protect Your Cat's Lungs - Negative ions absorb 99% of litter dust which instantly creates a healthier environment for your cat.
  • Safe & Ecofriendly - Nodor's ozone output is 0.026ppm when compared to the US Ozone Treatment Device Emission Standards of 0.10ppm.
  • Less Frequent Cleanings - Enjoy the freedom of not having to clean the litter constantly.
  • Cat Approved - Nodor is ultra-quiet and unscented to ensure maximum comfort for your cat.
  • Up To 7 Day Battery Life - A full charge lasts up to one week so that cat parents can have some peace of mind.

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Your home is your sanctuary and it should smell like one!

Simply turn on Nodor and watch as it extinguishes that nauseating litter smell.

Experience the freedom of cleaning the litter on your schedule and the joy of restoring a welcoming scent to your home.

As negative ions fully absorb litter dust, you can rest assured knowing that your cat's lungs are being protected while your house is kept cleaner. 

Nodor is ultra-quiet and unscented to ensure unmatched comfort for both cats and cat parents. It's time to start smelling fresh air again.

Why You Need Nodor

Restore Your Home's Scent

  Constant exposure to odor has been proven to negatively affect your mood and productivity.

Cast out the invasive litter smell once and for all with the push of a button.

Fully Absorb Litter Dust

Inhaling litter dust particles over time can cause potentially life-threatening respiratory issues for cats.

Nodor's dust absorption allows you to instantly provide a safer environment for your feline friend.

Create A Welcoming Space

An odorless environment is essential to experience positive energy and relaxation at home.

Enjoy downtime or having guests over without an uninvited smell filling up the room. 

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